Antioxidant KY-616

Chemical Name: butylated reaction products of p-cresol and dicyclopentadiene

Molecular Weight:650 

CAS NO:68610-51-5






Unconfined flow, hoar powder

Initial Melting Point



0.50% wt

Ash Content

0.15% wt


Mainly using for the compound which protects the tint, the non-dirt dyes, for example : natural rubber, Sealant, ABS, BR,IR,NBR, NR, SBR, SBS,SIS and so on. It may apply in the polymer processing process, for example: the elastic silk thread ,the rug lining back, the froth rubber packing material, the shoe sole material, the domestic and surgical operation rubber gloves, the medical product, the baby nipple, the rubber additive, the thermos bottle, the cushion used in the bathroom, the automobile fitting, the paper coating and so on, to enhance stability. This can protect natural and the synthesis polymer based on the isoprene and butadiene chemistry. It can use for efficient polyphenol additives.


Store closed containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


Coextruded paper bags lined with polyethylene film bags-Net weight 25 kg/ Flexible container-Net weight 1000kg/500kg.This product could also be packed according to customer's needs.