Company profile

JIANGSU FEIYA CHEMICAL GROUP is located in Haian fine chemical industry Park, which covers an area of 160.000 square meters and is the leading professional manufacturer of diphenylamine and its downstream products in the worlds. Existing products: Diphenylamine, Alkylated diphenylamine , Antioxidant KY-405,Antioxidant KY-616,,Antioxidant BLE and so on. Products are widely used in medicine, pesticides, gunpowder, dyes, lubricants, plastics, rubber and photoelectric material and etc.

Our company adheres to the quality policy " scientific management, careful operation, good faith, customer first ", and implements meticulous management in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system. The quality of the products all reached the international advanced level.

Our company is one of the drafters of diphenylamine quality standards and has a number of independent intellectual property rights. The company has successively won many honorary titles such as the “Second Prize of the National Technology Invention Award”, the “First Prize of the Sinopec Technology Invention Award”, and the “Little Giant” of Specialty, Specialty and Innovation.

In 2008, we were checked by the provincial ‘safety production standardization enterprise’, and in 2009, we were selected as ‘Jiangsu province's safety production credit enterprise’. In 2010, it was certified by ISO14001 environmental management system.

To meet the different needs of customers, the company pays close attention to research news at home and abroad and establishes cooperation relationship with domestic scientific research institutes, colleges and universities. According to the market and customers’ feedback, we pursue constant research and development of new products. Meanwhile we continuously improve service, and we always put the interests of the customer and the corporate reputation in the first place.

The company attaches great importance to staff training. And strive to build a ‘high, refined, professional’ staff team to meet the development needs of the company. In the future development , around the theme "Peaceful Feiya, Green Feiya, Cultural Feiya, Harmonious Feiya, Intelligence Feiya, Beautiful Feiya",the company will continue to develop innovative, prudent operation, to strive for international brands, and develop into gardenesque factory.