Annual meeting

2019 Anniversary of Feiya

Time always passes silently. We need a sense of ritual to say goodbye to the past and welcome the new year. On January 28, Feiya and Freida Business Departments, nearly 300 employees and their families gathered together at the Annual Meeting Hotel to celebrate the 2019 Feiya Group New Year Meeting! This night, staff gathered together, family gathered together, work together to create brilliant!
We have thought a lot about the theme of the annual meeting. Finally, I feel that there is no better way to represent our 2018 and the deployment of 2019 than to "work together to create brilliance".
For every Feiya, this year is a watershed. Under the leadership of Cao Hongsheng's solid internal merits and strict discipline, we renewed and iterated, set up new factories, overcome many difficulties and achieved remarkable results. We have never wavered in our belief that we want to do better and become the benchmark of the industry.
Over the past year, the steady development of Feiya can not be separated from the hard work and efforts of every Feiya people. Zhang Jianxiong and Zhang also made an excellent speech at the annual meeting. Now we review it through VC.
On the way forward, more and more like-minded friends joined in, making the big family of Feiya Group warmer, gathering 100 people, such as East China Sea An elite force, each program is the focus of attention.
Group dancing, singing and deduction, poetry recitation, funny sketches, all kinds of programs, in the happy atmosphere of the annual meeting, every Feiya people put down the pressure, enjoy the wonderful performance in comfort, enjoy the year-end festival.
The exciting lottery draw is accompanied by a wonderful program, so that the joy and laughter will continue throughout the evening. Every smiling face is full of different stories, each story carries our memories, and each memory is our common wealth. Looking back at the year of breathing, fate and heart to heart with the company, we can not help feeling a million.

In 2019, we will set off again and start a new voyage. On this special day, we have enough "reasons" to thank everyone and think about the source of drinking water. We know that every progress and success made by Feiya Group can not be separated from the understanding, trust, support and participation of employees and family members, and every effort of you. Every suggestion of yours touches us and pushes us forward. I hope that in the years to come, we can work more closely with you.

Goodbye 2018.2019, here we are!