Antioxidant KY616-3

Product quality standards:

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Character Anionic aqueous dispersion emulsion
Main ingredients Polymer hindered phenol
Solid content 50%  
Viscosity (25 ° C) 501500cps
PH value 9.011
density 1.001.10g/ml
The average particle size 3µm    


This product is a polymerized hindered phenol aqueous dispersion antioxidant, which can provide latex product system with no color, no color change, high efficiency and stable oxidation resistance. Effectively prevent degradation of polymer performance due to heat, UV and oxidation systems. The active ingredients are ground into fine particles to achieve maximum product activity.
This product has high activity and low volatility, good extraction properties such as resistance to water, grease, solvents, detergents, etc .; a small amount of addition can achieve a good anti-oxidant effect. The recommended dosage in most cases is 0.5-2.0 parts. Can also be used with other auxiliary antioxidants as needed.

Packaging, storage and transportation:
Warehouse storage is first-in, first-out, tightly sealed, frost-proof, and properly ventilated. Stir well before use.

Plastic drum (net weight 50kg), can also be packed according to user requirements.