Physical and chemical properties:The antioxidant K

Antioxidant FY-2422/2421/2420

Physical and chemical nature:Antioxidant FY-2322 s

Antioxidant pre - dispersed master batch M-80

Physical and chemical nature:M – 80 uses SBR

Antioxidant pre - dispersed master batch M-15

Physical and chemical nature:M - 15 uses SBR as it

Antioxidant DDA

CAS NO:68442-68-2

Antioxidant pre-dispersed master batch M-45B

Physical and chemical nature: M-45B uses EPOMEVA a


Molecular Formula:C12H9NS Molecular Weight:199.27

Copper Dibuthyladithiocarbamate(CDBC)

Molecular Formula:C18H36N2S4Cu Molecular Weight:4